Terms of Credit Card Service

terms of credit card service

Welcome to the PayHere secure system for accepting credit and debit card payments. Use of this Bill Payment service by you to submit a credit card payment to a Designated Provider will be subject to the following Terms.  These Terms may be revised without notice and become effective upon posting on this site and your use of the Web Site. These terms were revised on 06/01/2021.


  • Designated Provider, hereinafter referred to as “DP” – it is the provider you selected that is indicated on the invoice you are paying and was chosen by you when making a credit/debit card payment.
  • Bill Payment Service –  The eMerchant Solutions credit card payment service known as “Pay Here”

Payment Service

  • When you initiate a credit card payment, you authorize the DP to charge your credit/debit card and your credit/debit card issuer to remit funds to the DP.
  • Most transactions will be processed on the business day you choose. It is understood that due to circumstances beyond the control of DP, some transactions may take longer to be charged to your account.
  • If the DP processes the charge to your account but is unable to obtain funds for the payment from your issuing financial institution, you agree that your bill payment posted to your account for services rendered will be reversed and the amount subject to further collection efforts.


DP will make every reasonable effort to process your bill payments in accordance with your Payment instructions. However, the DP shall incur no liability if a bill payment is not made in a timely manner or if it is unable to complete any payments indicated by you through the Bill Payment Service because of the existence of any one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Sufficient funds are not available through your payment card;
  • Failure of your credit card or debit card financial institution to account correctly for or credit the payment in a timely manner to the amount owed, or otherwise mishandle or delay the payment;
  • The Bill Payment Service is not working properly; or
  • You did not provide the DP with all the required information to complete the payment, such as correct DP not chosen, resident name not accurately listed, telephone number or email information is not accurate.